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New Music and DJ Mixes

Well it’s been a few months now since my last post of delectable little sound bites and I thought with summer on it’s way, what better time to pass off some new and definitely noteworthy mixes for all of you to enjoy. There are some amazing sets here and if you like what you hear, be sure to check out these artists on Soundcloud for more tracks and sets.

As always, I’d love to hear what you thought, so be sure to post a comment below or drop me a line at info@basscaravan.com.


Traum House Set by Pyroman

Jan Pyroman is an incredible dj based out of Berlin, Germany and this mix is nothing short of stunning. An incredible fluid journey through rolling organic beats and beautiful vocals. It makes me want to hop in the car, put on this mix and spend the day just travelling the open road looking for a new and exciting adventure.

♣ File Under: Feel Good Hippie House

Funk Me Am A Freak by Basement Freaks

If you’ve been paying any attention to the world of funky breakbeats then you’ve no doubt heard of Basement Freaks. Their style is explained as, “Booty shakin low slung badass electronic funk with hip house tendencies”. This brand new mix is no different! An incredible compilation of original tracks this mix is action packs with some serious bad ass beats.

♣ File Under: Bootie Shakin’ Bas Ass Electronic Funk

Pleasensations by Neon Steve

Victoria based dj and producer Neon Steve, takes a break from his usual does of breaks and bass to offer up this amazing set of tunes guaranteed to get you in the mood. Amazing chilled out beats topped with indie vocals and all wrapped up for you to take home with you.

♣ File Under: Baby Making Music

Smile This Mixtape #3 by Stavroz

Stavroz is a Belgian duo with a clear mindset and a unique sound. Somehow they manages to infuse jazz, gypsy and swing with electronic elements, or is it the other way around? Check their tracks and start imagining your own story.

♣ File Under: Tech Jazz Fusion

Mayor of Boom Town vs The Big Swing Sound System 2013

For those of you that haven’t heard of the UK Festival, BOOM TOWN then this will be a treat. Aptly coined, “The UK’s Madest City”, Boom Town is a massive festival unlike any other. Complete with 23 individual stages and the whole festival split into individual town districts, this little audio clip is comprised of songs from some of the performing talent at the event.

♣ File Under: Super Swinging Sounds

Hommage by Monkey Safari

These two brothers from Halle, Germany are true ambassadors of house and techno in their hometown. Happy, silly and fun sounds are the result of their creativity. Their music is tropically flavoured, crossed with an electric spark, ideal for drunken nights out, falling off heels and losing half of your drink to the dance floor. This mix in particular is a fantastic blend of chilled out house, funky rhythms and organic loops perfect for a day out relaxing in the sun!

♣ File Under: Sweet Sunshine Sounds

Swaggerpants Circus by Sacred Beats Music

I had the personal pleasure of playing alongside Todd a few weeks back in Edmonton and his fluid, organic blend of sexy drum and bass beats is nothing short of exhilarating! Also known for his part in the ever amazing, Vibe Tribe Gypsy Circus as Oaken he’s a true purveyor of the flow arts and an incredible entertainer!

♣ File Under: Drum n’ Swagger

Rising Star Promo Mix by Mr. Benn

What would the summer be without some blunt smokin, fat reggae beats to keep your head bobbing. Bristol based Mr. Benn throws down this top notch mix with his unmistakable blend of skankin’ reggae grooves married with the chunkiest of hip hop beats, making for dancehall, dance floor chaos whenever his beats are dropped.

♣ File Under: Dub Reggae

Swing That Vinyl Vol 9 by Phos Toni

Looking for a good old fashioned dose of swing music blended together beautifully? Then this is your mix. German dj and producer, Phos Toni throws down this great set with his distinctive, virtuosic-ground shaking way of swinging the vinyl.

♣ File Under: Swinging Sound Selections


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