Aural Oddities & Scrumptious Sounds

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Aural Oddities & Scrumptious Sounds

So I thought I’d put together a little collection of musical gems to share with all of you. I know that when someone drops me a bunch of their favourite mixes it’s like Christmas and my ears are all hyped up like a little kid tearing through presents! I hope you all enjoy the mixes and find a few new sounds that maybe you haven’t heard before.

I’d love to hear what you thought, so be sure to post a comment below or drop me a line at info@basscaravan.com.

The Curse of Delachaux by Delachaux

Delachaux is San Francisco’s sonic blastronaut par excellence. His intoxicating ‘big-beat-burlectro’ style of pouring vintage samples and exotic orchestrations over a barrage of saucy beats has fused a wild carousel of voluptuous voodoo and body-quaking bass! This brand new mix, “The Curse of Delachaux” is an intoxicating adventure in to the sites and sounds that truly are Delachuax! Enjoy.

♣ File Under: Boom Boom Musique

Slumberquarium by Mike Freear ( SLAMBOREE )

This little gem of a mix comes from Mike Freear, the front man for the International connoisseurs of the bizarre & over the top,  SLAMBOREE.  This mix though isn’t what you might expect.  Freear describes it as a “collection of morbidly uplifting gems” and although it doesn’t have the swinging womp that Slamboree typically brings to the table, there’s a time or a place for moments like these. Talk a walk, do some yoga, meditate and reflect. This sensory selection of auditory beats will be the perfect companion, i swear it!

♣ File Under: Downtempo, Ambient, Shoegaze, Orchestral, Electronica

Jumping Beans by Jamie Berry

Producer and electro swing connoisseur, Jamie Berry hails from across the pond in good ol’ Leeds, UK and his unique, bass bumping take on 4×4 based electro swing is bound to get your feet tapping! A slick mix of some of the very best this new electro swing movement has to offer all end up in this 45 min set of simple goodness.

♣ File Under: If It Ain’t Got That Swing

Gypsy Juice by Jocelyn

Berkley resident Jocelyn put out this mix of incredible, mind bending gypsy influenced sounds over a year ago and it’s still one of my all time fav’s! True world flavour mixed with modern eclectic electronic beats in a way that you simply can’t help but get lost in the translation.

 ♣ File Under: Gypsystep

Violin vs. Vinyl by Kytami & The PhonoGraff

What happens when you take the amazing talents of Violin master Kytami and throw in the hip hop and bass driven beats of the Phonograff? Something you can’t explain, you just have to hear! Kytami was the awesome orchestrator of the International acclaimed group, Dehli 2 Dublin and her talents behind the bow of a violin are stunning to say the least. I can’t get enough of this mini mix. I just wish it was longer!

♣ File Under: Violin’s And Vinyl

Jive by Mt. Doyle

If you’re looking for a comedic journey through some of the best tracks ever made, then this is the mix to check out right here!  This midtempo journey through everything “classic”, has probably graced our sound system clear over a hundred times since we’ve downloaded it. It just seems to put a smile on every face that’s heard it :)

 ♣ File Under: Burgundy Bonanza, Midtempo Glitchiness

From Saw To Swing by Extra Spectrum

Good and proper mix of swing & blues cut to shreds and re-fixed with a solid does of glitchy goodness! Hailing from Leeds, UK. Extra Spectrum has a ton of amazing mixes with this same high end quality affliction for eclectic bass driven beats!

♣ File Under: Swing N’ Glitch Goodness

New Years Eve Mix by Captain Flatcap

UK’s Captain Flatcap serves up a serious dose of tantalizing beats in this special New Years mix. What happens when electrohouse and dubstep meet swing, ska, folk, and wubby bass fused with live instrumental melodies? The answer is Captain Flatcap! A true leader in the voice of Electro Swing in the UK. Enjoy!

♣ File Under: Ghetto Swing Groove

Beyond The Big Top by Bass Caravan

Ok, ok so maybe there’s a little room for some shameless self promotion in all this. lol. This mix is still one of my favourite mixes I’ve ever put together. Blending the sweet goodness of swing, balkan beats and circus based bump and grind with just the right amount of electronic beats. Covering all the bases from house, breaks, glitch, dubstep and drum & bass this is a true journey for me and I hope that if you haven’t heard it before you enjoy the ride!

♣ File Under: Gypsy Swing & Carnival Bass

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KateApril 19, 2013 at 11:56 amReply

I’ve listened to a few now. So good! Thank you for posting. They’re getting me psyched for the next Cirque de la Nuit!

Rosemary BlakeJune 10, 2013 at 8:18 pmReply

Hi, nice article. I really like it!