Le Cirque de la Nuit: AERIALIS
Le Cirque de la Nuit presents AERIALIS

This is an 18+ Licensed event. Photo ID will be required to gain entry. No exceptions. Doors open at 8:00PM. Arrive early for easy entry.

Saturday, June 13th, 2015

Le Cirque de la Nuit presents: AERIALIS

After a bit of a hiatus, we’re back again and more excited than ever with the show we have lined up to kick off the summer season! On June 13th, 2015 Le Cirque de la Nuit presents the 5th installment in our unique nightlife series! Prepare to be transported into a brand new realm of Cirque experience as we take over the historic Palace Theatre and transform it like never before!

This is by far the biggest and more spectacular show we’ve ever created! Themed with an “UP IN THE AIR” motif, you can expect to be whisked away into awe inspiring word of high flying aerial stunts, non-stop on stage theatrics and the most exciting musical lineup would could put together. All the way from San Fransisco, we’ve been waiting years to be able to bring this musical guest to our stage, the one and only PUMPKIN will be joining us for a very special, end of the night set! We also have the extremely talented musical producer, DEFUNK here to lay down a live set featuring some of the incredible music from his brand new album.

After Mecanique we were so blown away by their performance that we just couldn’t help but to bring Vancouver performance group, OMNIKA in MOTION back to wow us with their aerial antics, circus whimsy and incredible thrills & chills! Of course no Cirque de la Nuit show would be complete with our very own BASS CARAVAN & THE ROVING COMPANY OF CURIOSITIES! Their non stop, high octane performances have helped to shape the very fabric of our events. We also couldn’t be more excited to bring to you a brand new high flying act, the NEFILIBATA CIRCUS, who will be flying through the air in a way never before seen at a Cirque de la Nuit event.

There’s WAY TO MUCH to mention here so be sure to check out the tabs at the top to view the individual pages for all of our artists! With so many incredible acts and a bigger and even better space to showcase all this talent, we know that this night will truly be something to remember!



Nicholas “Pumpkin” Alvarado is your new favorite music producer/DJ. His spot-on song selections, special remixes and original productions have made for unforgettable live sets that seamlessly span every genre and eschew the latest trends in favor of timeless melodies that will melt your heart and leave you wanting more.

Whether starting the party or closing it down, Pumpkin’s inspired mixes are always lovingly sequenced and aim to set the perfect mood. He’s played alongside fellow acclaimed house music mainstays like Lee Burridge, Justin Martin, Nick Warren and KCRW’s Jeremy Sole as well as progressive electronic music pioneers like Bluetech, Blockhead, EOTO and The Glitch Mob. Pumpkin has become an in-demand, fan-favorite at major music festivals like Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle and Sea of Dreams, where he closed the event after his musical hero, Trentemoller. Pumpkin’s acclaimed debut EP, “Love Letters,” featured collaborations with singer Katie Mowgli of the breakout band, The Mowglis and lyricist, EVeryman along with his sought after remixes from the likes of Florence + The Machine and Lila Rose.

He’s been part of the esteemed Pocket Underground family since 2006, when after playing in rock bands all his life, he found a new passion in the hypnotic rhythms of deep house music. Pumpkin honed his now signature sound by daring to incorporate the singer-songwriter, punk rock ethos and childhood nostalgia of his past, with the futuristic sounds of the present.

In everything he touches, Pumpkin’s colorful personality shines through and he loves nothing more than to have fun with his audience as his remixes for the likes Peter Gabriel, David Bowie and The Muppets will attest to. But whether you catch Pumpkin playing at a massive festival, packed club, underground warehouse party or a special sunrise set, you’ll never have more fun on a dancefloor. Simply put, this is music to fall in love to.





Merging modern bass music with the retro sounds of jazz, blues, disco and funk, Defunk has taken bass music to new heights. From up-tempo to downright dirty, he blends the old with the new across countless genres and tempos. From swinging saxophone solos, to banjo breakdowns, soul-sister vocal build ups and face melting bass drops. He aims to create electronic music that knows no bounds or overdone sounds. He intends to take music with soul and recreate it, bringing back music from the decades, filtering it, and blasting it back in your face. Its music that is as relevant to the bass scene as it is fresh at the same time.



Bass Caravan



From the dark depths of the gypsy carnival, we present to you an experience unlike any other. Jump on board as music maker, BASS CARAVAN spins a musical tale of unique Gyspy Funk, Carnival Breaks and Swinging Bass that will enthrall & entertain even the most discerning of crowds. With sets jumping across all genres and encompassing more than it’s fair share of “whomp” you can be sure that the mixture of organic traditional beats and electro based bump and grind will get your feet moving and your but shakin’!

Joined on stage by his ROVING COMPANY of CURIOSITIES, this eclectic group takes the musical experience and transforms it into a three dimensional, theatrical visualization. Just beware, once you open the door to the gypsies, there’s no telling where the night may take you!

After an incredible show at this years Shambhala Music Festival to a packed audience in the Village, we are shaking with excitement as we bring to you another stellar cirque spectacular!!! This is a set you will definitely NOT want to miss!


Mr. B

Mr. B

MR.B’s soulfully eclectic taste makes him a connoisseur of good vibes. Whether its a downtown lounge gig, club event, or an outdoor festival his sets are rooted in old school DJ culture with a keen eye on the future. Notable openings for artists such as Slynk, Koan Sound, J-Boogie, Neighbour, The Funk Hunters, and Drumsound and Bassline Smith among others is a reflection of his diversity and range of sound.

With 6 Shambhala performances and dozens of other west coast festival gigs under his belt you can bet he’s been hard at work in the hive making some honey for everyone one of you to enjoy!


Miss Hazard

Miss Hazard

Leigh-Anne Hazard, aka Miss Hazard, has spent her life arranging and performing music. From crafting homemade DJ mix tapes as a child and learning any instrument within reach, specifically classical piano, this lady knows how to take each listener on a journey, always digging deeper to find what fills the hearts of her listeners.

A regular at Calgary’s Habitat Living Sound, Miss Hazard is known for taking the dance-floor on deep melodic emotion filled voyages with grooves of house and electronica through to techno. She also mixes sounds from around the world with a dark and sexy taste of dub step and psychedelic step. In a club, on a bus, or at a festival, you are sure to find yourself falling into the rabbit hole that Miss Hazard depicts. A staple at BassBus and GirlsOnDecks events, a FozzyFest and FreezerBurn performer extraordinaire, Miss Hazard is a familiar face to Alberta crowds and a crucial part of Calgary’s electronic scene.


Omnika In Motion


Omnika liberates imaginations with bizarre theatrics and the infinite exploration of movement. Fusing inspiration from worlds ancient and new, they invite you to journey with them to a place where certainty and fantasy dance together.

Omnika’s diverse elements are inclusive of belly dance, breakdance, jazz, ballet, popping and locking, contemporary, ballroom, flamenco, acrobatics, theatre, and aerials art including aerial hoops, silks and cradles.

After a knock out performance at the last Cirque de la Nuit event we just couldn’t help ourselves in bringing this stunning troupe back for another night of incredible circus mayhem. From their aerial antics to their incredible on stage theatrics, Omnika in motion is the full performance package and we guarantee this is going to be stellar performance you aren’t going to want to miss!


Bass Caravan Performers



From the dark depths of the gypsy carnival, we present to you an experience unlike any other. Jump on board as music maker, BASS CARAVAN spins a musical tale of unique Gyspy Funk, Carnival Breaks and Swinging Bass that will enthrall & entertain even the most discerning of crowds.

Joined on stage by his ROVING COMPANY of CURIOSITIES, you know that when this vintage traveling band of carnival personalities shows up you know your in for a high octane explosion of heart pounding music, on stage theatrics and mind blowing circus stunts. Just beware, once you open the door to the gypsies, there’s no telling where the night may take you!




Nefelibata Circus is a performing group based out of Lethbridge Alberta. Our group trains out of the Gymfinity gymnastics Unit – the University of Lethbridge gymnastic recreational facility. We have been slowly growing since we originated about three years ago, when Jenna Lencucha brought the aerial arts program over from Newcastle, England. We started as a training group, and have grown to a performance team with an amazing group of performers and athletes. None of our group members were originally gymnasts, but with ongoing love for aerial arts and circus performing we have developed a team who loves to perform, entertain, and challenge ourselves.

Nefelibata, in Portuguese means “cloud walker” which is exactly what we all are. Individuals who live in the clouds of our own imagination or dreams. Our group consists of eight performers: Jenna Lencucha, Katherine Odland, Nicole Sutherland, Abby Chomiak, John Hedingham, Gerardo Balderas, Michael Bartz, and, Landon Waters. We look forward to sharing our passions in aerial arts, including silks, corde lisse, lyra, and aerial straps, and our love for acro, hand balancing and juggling.

We are so incredibly excited for perform for Cirque de la Nuit and can’t wait to share an amazing night with you all.

Mihaela Duv


Creative expression through image and movement has been a passion of Mihaela’s for many years. After training for over a decade as a rhythmic gymnast, her passions moved from the competition carpet, to the stage. She rediscovered the joys of the hoop, and has been sharing her talents throughout the EDM scene for several years now. A coveted member of the Bass Caravan performance troupe Mihaela’s distinct array of talents has become a significant staple at every Le Cirque de la Nuit production.




Through expressive movement and a varied skill set in the flow arts Cassandra hopes to connect you with your unique dance, inspire you to let go and celebrate our collective freedom. Since 2009 she has been honing skills with props such as poi, folding fans and staff, performing and teaching wherever time and space allow. From all of us at Cirque we are excited to have Cassandra back yet again for another night of stellar performances!




Luna’s incredible mastery of the hoops is nothing short of spectacular! Her flowy dance combined with acrobat poses and synchronized to music, makes it easy to visualize her connecting with her hoops on a spiritual level. A core member of the Bass Caravan group, Luna has performed at countless festivals and stages across Western Canada and we couldn’t be more excited to have her back yet again to wow us with her incredible skills.


Carlotta Vox


The love child of a Victorian dance hall chorus girl and a steampunk time traveler, Carlotta Vox exists in our world, trapped in a time stream separate from our own, until extraordinary moments create an energy fissure that draws her, however briefly, to play, dance and dream with us.

Sasha Fox


Break dancing since the age of 19, Sasha trained at the Moscow school of break dance, “Volnorez” with her teacher, b boy Vlad from the BMT crew in Russia. Sasha has also trained with bboys such as BeatMaster T(BMT), Mario (BMT), Abdul (Mafia13 crew), Yan (All the Most) and competed in numerous Russian events such as Dance To The Beat, Air Time and the Rocket City Battles to name a few. Moving to Canada in 2013 she quickly became a member of the “All Out” crew. Together they have been in many battles, including One Touch, Stakes Is High, Bring The Noize and many others in Calgary, Edmonton & Saskatchewan. We couldn’t be more excited to bring to Le Cirque de la Nuit this dynamic and powerhouse dancer!

Daisy DeVille


Daisy DeVille has been heavily involved in the Calgary and International Burlesque scene as a performer, choreographer, activist, teacher and philanthropist for over 10 years. She was the co founder and 2014 Co-President of the Calgary International Burlesque Festival Board as well as the Founder and Operator of Burlesque Burn Calgary. Daisy DeVille has danced live in 7 countries and is constantly inspired by the world around her. As an instructor and mentor, she is thrilled to bring the beauty and freedom of Burlesque to new students every day. Burlesque – to her, is a source of expression that is timeless and always relevant.


Miyuki Divine


Miyuki Divine is a Director, Vice President, and COO of The Garter Girls Inc., as well as a performer. She has been an avid member of the burlesque community in Calgary, Alberta, Canada since 2006 and has been a permanent member of The Garter Girls since its inception in 2007. Miyuki has appeared and performed in shows such as: the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival, the Las Vegas Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend’s Movers, Shakers, and Innovators night, Calgary’s High Performance Rodeo in 2010, 2012, and 2013, Vancouver’s Rock n Roll Burlesque Show, and Vancouver’s Kitty Nights. She has also produced local shows to bring performers such as April O’Peel, Judith Stein, and Melody Mangler to Calgary.


Raven Virginia


Raven Virginia, dubbed Calgary’s Wackiest Burlesque performer, has been a proud member of the Garter Girls since 2009. Raven’s numbers vary from romantic to raunchy, valuing imagery, character, narrative and emotional connection in all her performances. She has performed for the wildly popular Mexican wrestling and burlesque mash up show, Lucha VaVoom, the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival and former Miss Exotic World, Angie Pontani’s Burlesque-A-Pades.  Devoted to the art of the tease, Raven performs with the Garter Girls, organizes the Garter Girls School of Burlesque sessions, and produces her own show for emerging talent; Buxom Burlesque.


Tayri, Tanya Lee & Eden Arlington


Le Cirque de la Nuit is pleased to once again welcome bellydancers to our stage as part of Bass Caravan’s Roving Company of Curiosities.

Joining Le Cirque for her second appearance is bellydancer Tayri, Creative Director of At the Hip, and an avid performer & instructor in the Calgary scene. As a devoted student of bellydance, Tayri’s studies have taken her as far away as Egypt and Turkey.  Closer to home, Tayri has been delighting audiences in restaurants and at various community events & summer festivals where her passion for shows that are somewhat avant-garde has led her to recurring performances at Burning Man, leading the fire palm conclave at Freezer Burn, and on stage at the Kit & Kaboodle Circus.

Sharing the stage with Tayri are bellydancers Tanya Lee & Eden Arlington. Tanya Lee studied tribal dance during a two-year busking caravan across the USA, and she’s been hooked ever since!  By day, she runs her own business as a posture professor and yoga/dance therapist.  By night, she’s a fire spinning fusion bellydance ninja.  She most recently performed a solo piece at the Plaza in Vegas for The Tribal Massive Showcase, and made a local appearance on the Make Fashion runway, sporting an original Tribal Tech design equipped with LED sensors and fiber optics.

Eden Arlington is a mainstay in the Calgary Bellydance scene. She is the founding director of Indigo Art’s, a company focused on artistic mentoring in creativity through dance as well as fine art. For the past ten years, she has been a professional fusion bellydancer performing in restaurants and other events in and around the Calgary area. She has shared the stage with the Calgary Philharmonic, been the opening act for Blue Rodeo and also entertained audiences at community events such as Sun & Salsa all the way to Inshala.

Combined, these bellydance beauties will be sure to delight you with their serpentine movements and their shimmying hips.

Ursa Minor


“Blue haired Blaire Hammer aka UrsaMinor does not need anything extra, all she needs is her effortless flow and her hoops. She finesses hoops and fills any space with playfulness and charm. Watching Blairehoop is pure bliss.” – Hooping.org

After her stunning performance at Arniko over a year ago, we couldn’t be more excited to be bringing her back again for another magical night.

La Gogue


The sultry ladies of La Gogue are no mystery to Calgary’s thriving electronic scene. Appearing at festivals, night clubs and special events all across Western Canada. ( including the Shambhala Music Festival this past year ) La Gogue has quickly become a top notch provider of sure fire entertainment. More than your average GoGo dancers, these performers are true visual artists with an abundance of passion and talent!




Born of the mountains and raised in the East Kootenays, Melissae has studied tribal fusion, hip hop, raq and many a hula hoop class, with her style grabbing a bit of flavor from each variant. Having worked with various performance teams such as La Gogue Inc, Allure, Fable she is also currently a part of Rogue and heads her own movement arts team in Edmonton ; HoneyMotion.

From stage performances at festivals like Shambhala, Motion Notion and Safe in Sound ( to name just a few ) to working with International artists like Dub FX and Stylust Beats this magical fairy unicorn dancing soul will be sure to delight your eyes and your mind if given the chance.

Tony Esteves


Tony Esteves likes to keep things up in the air. His performances have seen audiences in North and South America as well as Asia and Europe. He dazzles audiences with his glowing performances and juggling shows that are truly unique spectacles. It is his honor to be performing for the third time with Cirque de la Nuit in Calgary this June.

As an Inspirational Facilitator Tony helps teams and organizations use creativity and innovation to solve problems and develop ideas. An active video blogger, Tony inspires people to reach for and achieve their full potential. More information can be found at www.iOnTheBall.ca


Aerialis Tickets

A limited number of tickets are being held to sell at the door of the event. These tickets will be available on a first come, first serve basis for $50 starting at 8pm on the day of the event. Cash only.

VIP Tickets
Le Cirque de la Nuit: AERIALIS VIP Packages
The Location


In the effort to provide an optimum space to view the stunning show we wanted to bring to the table, Le Cirque de la Nuit sat down with the Concord Group to look at bringing our crazy circus to the Historic Palace Theatre, also known as Flames Central. In order to facilitate our “UP IN THE AIR” theme we needed a big space with spacious overhead room and tons of places for people to view the show.

Worried about all the Flames decor? If anyone can transform that space it’s going to be us and you can rest assured that we have some serious decorating to do!

With two full floors and a massive balcony that overlooks the entire stage, getting to see all the thrills and chills won’t be an issue this time around. We couldn’t be more excited to share this night with you all and hope that you’ll welcome this big change and trust in the fact that we won’t disappoint.

Flames Central


At Le Cirque de la Nuit our whole goal is to provide an exhilarating and completely unique nightlife experience. This is an immersive event unlike any other! From the incredible music and non stop theatrical performances to our one of a kind, fully themed environment we’re confident that this will be a night to remember!


YES! Le Cirque de la Nuit events are about patron participation! You are an integral part of the experience and the more you embrace the event theme and get dressed up, the bigger and better the experience will become. We’ve been lucky enough that our incredible patrons have fully embraced the experience and we typically get a 90% dress up ratio! The one comment we hear more often than not from new patrons who don’t dress up is, “I so wish I dressed up! I’ve already got my costume idea for next time though, and it’s going to be amazing!”.

You can check out our Facebook page as we always post up costume ideas to help get you inspired! For Calgary folks we have a great relationship with both The Costume Shoppe and The Masque, and if you go in there and tell them that your coming to a Le Cirque de la Nuit show they’ll help you find just the right outfit.


Once you click the “Purchase Ticket” button above you will be transported to our ticket site ( EventBee ) where you can select the number of tickets you’d like to purchase. Checkout is through PayPal where you can use either you PayPal account, VISA, Mastercard, AMEX or VISA Debit to pay for your purchase.

Once you complete the process you should receive 2 emails. One from PayPal as your receipt for your purchase and the other from Le Cirque de la Nuit which will contain your printable tickets. You’ll need to either print these tickets off and bring them to the event or be able to bring them up on your phone so we can scan the bar codes at the event.

Each ticket contains a UNIQUE UPC / BARCODE which will be scanned at the door by a friendly Le Cirque de la Nuit staff member. So if you purchase tickets and need to transfer them to a different person than the name on the tickets, no worries.


If you’ve never been to a Cirque de la Nuit photo booth then your in for our treat. Just drop on by and get your photo taken….please be patient though….sometimes it takes a bit to weed through all the amazing people looking to get a photo done. There’s no cost at all so don’t worry about that. Shortly after the event is over we’ll post up the photos via Facebook and our website. You can then share them, post em to your profile, etc. If you want a full resolution print we can help with that. Just drop us an email.