Le Cirque de la Nuit presents Dia de los Muertos
Dia de los Muertos

This is an 18+ Licensed event. Photo ID will be required to gain entry. No exceptions. Doors open at 8:00PM. Arrive early for easy entry.

Friday November 4th, 2016

Le Cirque de la Nuit presents:
Dìa de los Muertos

Grab your calacas, marigolds and calveras and join the Le Cirque de la Nuit Troupe for a brand new production of exhilarating visual extravagance! On Friday, November 4th we’ll be taking over Calgary’s Marquee Bar & Stage for a truly epic transformation of carnival spectacles and high octane Cirque entertainment.

Dance the night away surrounded by incredible decorations and roving characters, not to mention musical and theatrical acts that will tantalize your senses unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Celebrate Día de los Muertos, Le Cirque de la Nuit style and enjoy the endless possibilities of fun.


LOCATION: Marquee Bar & Stage, Calgary, AB.

TIME: 8PM till 2:30AM – RESTRICTIONS: 18+ Licensed Event

TICKETS: Early bird tickets are $40 / $55 Thereafter & more at the door – VIP packages will be available. Details coming soon.

The Lazy Syrup OrchestraLAZY SYRUP ORCHESTRA


Indolent sounds. Thick vibrations. Sweet melodies. Sticky connections. A naturally flavored substance… prepared by such a group.

Fresh from their summer festival circuit with epic performances at both Bass Coasts & Shambhala Music Festival, get ready for the Lazy Syrup Orchestra to bring their unique take on sweet vibrations and soulful melodies to the Marquee. This live collaborative act is comprised of DUNKS (one half of the Funk Hunters), Thomas Workshop and Love You Miss You.

Their live recording of this years Bass Coast performance hit just under 30,000 plays in the first week of being online! If that’s not a sign of what’s to come then we have no idea what is! We simply couldn’t be more excited have these guys join us for a sweet and sticky exploration into the deeper, funkier side of the music we all love.


Bass Caravan & The Roving Company of CuriositiesBASS CARAVAN


From the dark depths of the gypsy carnival, we present to you an experience unlike any other. Jump on board as music maker, BASS CARAVAN spins a musical tale of unique Gyspy Funk, Carnival Breaks and Swinging Bass that will enthrall & entertain even the most discerning of crowds. With sets jumping across all genres and encompassing more than it’s fair share of “whomp” you can be sure that the mixture of organic traditional beats and electro based bump and grind will get your feet moving and your butt shakin’!

Joined on stage by his ROVING COMPANY of CURIOSITIES, this eclectic group takes the musical experience and transforms it into a three dimensional, theatrical visualization. Just beware, once you open the door to the gypsies, there’s no telling where the night may take you!

With stellar performances at Circle The Wagons, Shambhala Music Festival and KAMP Festival to packed a audience, we are shaking with excitement as we bring to you another stellar cirque spectacular!!! This is a set you will definitely NOT want to miss!





Delachaux is San Francisco’s sonic blastronaut par excellence. His intoxicating ‘electro-deco big beat’ style of pouring vintage samples and exotic orchestrations over a barrage of saucy beats has fused a wild carousel of voluptuous voodoo and body-quaking bass that reflect both the dilated discos and carbonated cabarets of the contemporary SF Bay Area scene and have made him one of the west coast underground’s most seminal DJ/Producers.

From all of us at Le Cirque de la Nuit we couldn’t be more excited to finally be bringing this stellar West Coast producer to showcase his talents on our stage. Prepare to blast off!


Jon Delerious & Music GuestsJON DELERIOUS




Calgary’s own Jon Delerious has been a staple in the Canadian West coast House music scene since his first ‘big’ gig in 1992. Since then his production talents have seen him grow into an internationally respected DJ & Producer. His music ranges from smoked out dubby house, down tempo to top-notch dance floor chuggers and has been name checked from diverse artists like Gilles Peterson through to Laurent Garnier. His style proves to appeal to a diverse and varied audience. As a D.J. he has played @ many shows performing across Canada as well as into the U.S.A. and Europe as well. Career D.J. Highlights include headlining with some of House music’s finest – including ‘Little’ Louie Vega, Carl Cox, Mark Farina, Kaskade, Ben Watt among many others! Jon’s full length album on Canada’s own Nordic trax record label ‘No Warning’ has received international acclaim in such publications as XLR8R, Exclaim and DJ Mag as well as play throughout the world. Jon’s music charts strong and is supported in the US, UK, Canada, Spain, Netherlands, France and Germany. One thing is certain about Jon, he has carved out a place in D.J. booth and in the studio that is completely his own. Jon Delerious continues to refine his skills as one of Canada’s leading electronic musical innovators.





DJ Applebaum’s love of groove music goes back two decades. Growing up on the west coast, she nurtured a long-standing passion for hip-hop which after many years ‘underground’, flourished into a DJ career during her years in Banff. In the last few years she has settled in YYC where she has been honing her craft and digging deep for the best gems in hip hop, groove, and hip house. Her unique style has her frequently opening local nights with Girls on Decks and Esenta. Applebaum’s contagious funky rhythms are guaranteed to get the party off to an energetic start.


Subscura - Vancouver, BC.SUBSCURA


Subscura is a performance arts collective comprised of multidisciplinary female artists. The troupe is known for using a unique mix of contemporary dance, hip-hop moves, aerial hoops and character theatrics and they are trained in numerable other forms of dance and circus arts. Drawing inspiration from the Vancouver electronic music community where they found their roots, the members have collaborated and performed alongside world-class musicians, fashion designers, visual artists and other performance collectives throughout British Columbia and the US.

After an action packed summer touring the West Coast festival circuit, we couldn’t be more thrilled to be bringing this extremely powerful and talented performance troupe to the Le Cirque de la Nuit stage for Dia de los Muertos. Get ready for an experience unlike anything else!

Bass Caravan & The Rolling Company of CuriositiesBASS CARAVAN


From the dark depths of the gypsy carnival, we present to you an experience unlike any other. Jump on board as music maker, BASS CARAVAN spins a musical tale of unique Gyspy Funk, Carnival Breaks and Swinging Bass that will enthrall & entertain even the most discerning of crowds.

Joined on stage by his ROVING COMPANY of CURIOSITIES, you know that when this vintage traveling band of carnival personalities shows up you know your in for a high octane explosion of heart pounding music, on stage theatrics and mind blowing circus stunts. Just beware, once you open the door to the gypsies, there’s no telling where the night may take you!



All accomplished performers in their own right, the members of TransFlowmation believe they are more than just the sum of their parts. With over 30 years of combined experience, and each contributing unique talents and style, they create a mesmerizing synergy of movement, light, and music. Working together to develop group choreographies with a veritable arsenal of props, they seek to add a fresh flavour to flow arts performance, and inspire through their passion for movement.


Circo de Nefelibata



Nefelibata Circus is a performing group based out of Lethbridge Alberta. Our group trains out of the Gymfinity gymnastics Unit – the University of Lethbridge gymnastic recreational facility. We have been slowly growing since we originated about three years ago, when Jenna Lencucha brought the aerial arts program over from Newcastle, England. We started as a training group, and have grown to a performance team with an amazing group of performers and athletes. None of our group members were originally gymnasts, but with ongoing love for aerial arts and circus performing we have developed a team who loves to perform, entertain, and challenge ourselves.

Nefelibata, in Portuguese means “cloud walker” which is exactly what we all are. Individuals who live in the clouds of our own imagination or dreams. Our group consists of eight performers: Jenna Lencucha, Katherine Odland, Nicole Sutherland, Abby Chomiak, John Hedingham, Gerardo Balderas, Michael Bartz, and, Landon Waters. We look forward to sharing our passions in aerial arts, including silks, corde lisse, lyra, and aerial straps, and our love for acro, hand balancing and juggling.


Full local performance release coming soon!


Fatale Fusion is the love child of 3 different accomplished performers and dancers: Tayri, Tanya Lee and Indigogo. The Fatale Fusion style is forever evolving into a beautiful Bellydance inspired blend of Art Nouveau Goddess with an edgy Tribal Gypsy flare. Each dancer has been entranced with the art of Bellydance for more than a decade and have studied and performed throughout North America, Egypt and Turkey. Specializing in EDM events and versed in the arts of fire spinning, feather fans, sword and veil; Fatale Fusion has taken the stage along side top DJ talent such as Pumpkin, Emancipator, Desert Dwellers, and JPOD. This tantalizing trio can be seen regularly along side Calgary’s own Bass Carvan, as well at Cirque de la Nuit’s infamous steampunk parties and local Burning Man events.

Sacred Hands


Noah Weigel has devoted his life to the pursuit and perfection of any set of skills that will further his ability to be the center of attention.  Some may call it vain, some may call it annoying, or even excessive, and they might be right.  But one thing is for certain, it makes for one heck of a show.   Noah has graced stages all over the world and performed with various groups such as:  Mythmaker (BC. Canada)  The Fire Bugs (New Zealand) and Fire FX (Australia).  These days you can find him in Calgary Alberta Working for Ballyhoo Entertainment and chasing his dream of making a living doing what he loves most.



Luna’s incredible mastery of the hoops is nothing short of spectacular! Her flowy dance combined with acrobat poses and synchronized to music, makes it easy to visualize her connecting with her hoops on a spiritual level. A core member of the Bass Caravan group, Luna has performed at countless festivals and stages across Western Canada and we couldn’t be more excited to have her back yet again to wow us with her incredible skills.


Joey Ero Vedres


Joey found his calling at a young age performing in anything he could but really found his niche’ when he entered the world of fire and circus arts in 2005. Hailing from Southern Alberta he had the perfect surroundings for nurturing a hot passion for pattern, flow and movement in prop manipulation. Joey is well known for his playful, interactive, animated style expressed through the various props and gear he amazes with. Having a vast array of talents Joey bring a tickle trunk worth of fun including Single and Double Fire/LED Staffs, fire swords, light sabers, and Contact Juggling. The most recent exciting additions to his ever expanding thirst for new interesting obsessions are LED Buugeng (S-Staffs), bouncing stilt roving characters, Dragon Staff and a Circus Juggling Cube.

Body Art Motion


BodyArtMotion (aka B.A.M) represents Calgary’s cutting edge school of dance and yoga transformation studies. You can’t help but feel the depth of energy and connection weaved by these stunning women. B.A.M aims to harness and present the essence of ancient tribal bellydance infused with the sacred language of yoga, performed to the juiciest beats of the electronic music movement. Devotion to precise technique is infused with emotive ritualistic storytelling, expressed through the exciting ‘present moment’ nature of group improvisation. We aim to create every performance as a unique adventure for body, mind and soul. B.A.M’s Performance Team is directed by our school founder Tanya Lee, an established international performer, published author, and yoga teacher trainer. Every member of the team is actively involved in the school and studies both dance and yoga. Shauna Jayne, Amy McLeod and Rachel Blake make up the core team and are often joined on stage by the talents of amazing individuals involved with the school. As human’s we desire to feel like we belong to a tribe, and when we train for this dance, there is no doubt that we feel the power of true sisterhood.


Sarah Bella


Bella is a performer of many genres and skills. Ranging from classical ballet to off-the-wall art projects, she brings all of those aspects into one. She climbs the silks, hangs from hoops, twinkles on her toes, rolls around in paint, poses in the flesh and so much more. You can find her eating splits for breakfast and licking her toes for dessert. A young spirit and an old soul trapped in a woman’s body, Bella loves life and loves sharing that joy onstage with you. Come play, be inspired, loose your expectations and get wild!


Tony Esteves


Tony Esteves likes to keep things up in the air. His performances have seen audiences in North and South America as well as Asia and Europe. He dazzles audiences with his glowing performances and juggling shows that are truly unique spectacles. It is his honor to be performing for the third time with Cirque de la Nuit in Calgary this June.

As an Inspirational Facilitator Tony helps teams and organizations use creativity and innovation to solve problems and develop ideas. An active video blogger, Tony inspires people to reach for and achieve their full potential. More information can be found at www.iOnTheBall.ca




Natalia’s self defined artistic role is to weave her chosen form of Flamenco with the dynamic and open-minded world of the underground dance world. After a decades long tug of war between love and fear of the form that demands our deepest truth, she finally accepted her role after a journey that took her from Rajasthan, the origin of the Romani people; to the streets of Triana, where Flamenco was born. With the support of her chosen community back in Calgary, she discovered that tradition and contemporary could coexist while maintaining the root of authentic expression. She chooses music that speaks to her and translates it into raw emotions released as unscripted movement within the ever-present container of rhythm. Both solo and as a founding member of the Dirty Gramophones, she has performed for several festivals and events including Shambhala, Astral Harvest, Bohemia, Paradise, Tribe, Freezerburn and Burningman. Que me quiten lo bailao.

Sarah Velocity


Bio coming soon.

Jenny B


Prepare to be hypnotized by the dynamic flow of this talented Le Cirque de la Nuit performer. From her role in the Bass Caravan dance troupe to her illustrious poi routines you know she’s going to be bringing her A game.

Dia de los Muertos Tickets

Early Bird tickets ( 200 quantity ) are $40 / General Admission $55 / More at the Door.

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VIP Tickets


Physical Ticket Vendors
Blame Betty

211 17 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 1H5
Phone: (403) 670-9110
Click here for directions

The Masque

5 9250 Macleod Tr SE – Calgary, AB
Phone: (403) 230-3306
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Hear's My Soul Cafe

107-535 8 AVE SE – Calgary, AB
Phone: (587) 350-2200
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The Location


From all of us at Le Cirque de la Nuit, we couldn’t be more excited about taking over the Marquee Bar & Stage for an exhilarating transformation. This stunning space offers up 13,000 square feet of room for performance, partying and musical enjoyment.
The Marquee is a 5 min walk from the 39th Avenue C-train station and centrally located just out of the downtown core. Did we mention there’s tons of free parking out front?
With a total of 4 beautiful bars, 6 private VIP booths with stage views and a massive 30′ x 15′ stage this is going to be a night to remember!
Freq Magazing Contest

FREQ Magazine is excited to offer our readers a FREQ night out in partnership with Le Cirque de la Nuit. Hotel Arts, Native Tongues and the Costume Shoppe have all come on board to ensure you have the most epic night out.

Enter now for a chance to win and then grab your calacas, marigolds and Calaveras and head into the pit of curiosities for a night of celebrating and paying homage to to Día De Los Muertos.


The FREQ Night with Le Cirque de la Nuit prizes includes:

  • Two tickets with line priority to Le Cirque de la Nuit’s Día De Los Muertos on Friday, November 4, 2016 at The Marquee Bar & Stage.
  • Hair & make-up for the winner and guest by Le Cirque de la Nuit’s hair & makeup artists on the event day.
  • One night accommodation on Friday, November 4, 2016 in a Luxury Suite with a breakfast buffet for two in the Yellow Door Bistro  and complimentary self-parking courtesy of Hotel Arts.
  • One $100 dinning certificate courtesy of Native Tongues Taqueria
  • One $200 gift certificate for a costume rental for two people courtesy of The Masque


At Le Cirque de la Nuit our whole goal is to provide an exhilarating and completely unique nightlife experience. This is an immersive event unlike any other! From the incredible music and non stop theatrical performances to our one of a kind, fully themed environment we’re confident that this will be a night to remember!


YES! Le Cirque de la Nuit events are about patron participation! You are an integral part of the experience and the more you embrace the event theme and get dressed up, the bigger and better the experience will become. We’ve been lucky enough that our incredible patrons have fully embraced the experience and we typically get a 90% dress up ratio! The one comment we hear more often than not from new patrons who don’t dress up is, “I so wish I dressed up! I’ve already got my costume idea for next time though, and it’s going to be amazing!”.

You can check out our Facebook page as we always post up costume ideas to help get you inspired!


Once you click the “Purchase Ticket” button above you will be transported to our ticket site ( EventBee ) where you can select the number of tickets you’d like to purchase. Checkout is through PayPal where you can use either you PayPal account, VISA, Mastercard, AMEX or VISA Debit to pay for your purchase.

Once you complete the process you should receive 2 emails. One from PayPal as your receipt for your purchase and the other from Le Cirque de la Nuit which will contain your printable tickets. You’ll need to either print these tickets off and bring them to the event or be able to bring them up on your phone so we can scan the bar codes at the event.

Each ticket contains a UNIQUE UPC / BARCODE which will be scanned at the door by a friendly Le Cirque de la Nuit staff member. So if you purchase tickets and need to transfer them to a different person than the name on the tickets, no worries.


If you’ve never been to a Cirque de la Nuit photo booth then your in for our treat. Just drop on by and get your photo taken….please be patient though….sometimes it takes a bit to weed through all the amazing people looking to get a photo done. There’s no cost at all so don’t worry about that. Shortly after the event is over we’ll post up the photos via Facebook and our website. You can then share them, post em to your profile, etc. If you want a full resolution print we can help with that. Just drop us an email.