Bass Caravan & The Roving Company of Curiosities proudly present A Fable Entertainment and Le Cirque de la Nuit production
May 2nd & 3rd, 2014 – The Capitol Theatre, Fort Edmonton Park.

When a mysterious musical peddler arrives in town, a young girl unknowingly embarks on  whimsical adventure beyond her wildest dreams. A journey beyond the ordinary and into a world filled with outlandish circus characters, intriguing performers and a belligerent ringmaster who is selfishly controlling all who enter his magical realm.

Join us for an evening of circus spectacles, incredible music and a theatrical performance that will truly have you yearning for more!


The Cast:

Marissa PuffMarissa Puff

Theatrical Director | Performer | Producer

Marissa is the founder of Fable Entertainment, which she started as an outlet for her boundless imagination. A truly well rounded entertainer, Marissa has years of classical dance experience, has created her own unique version of poi-dance, eats and spins fire, has appeared as a Semi-Finalist on Canada’s Got Talent, and writes amazing narrative shows with uplifting story lines.

Skills: Dance, Poi, Ribbons, Fire Eating

basscaravan-thumbBass Caravan

Musical Director | Producer

The founding father of Le Cirque de la Nuit, Bass Caravan is the musical voice of the vintage circus experience. Jump on board as this charismatic entertainer spins a musical tale of unique Gyspy Funk, Carnival Breaks and Swinging Bass that will enthrall & entertain even the most discerning of crowds. A DJ of 16 years and now musical producer his sets & sounds can be heard via his Soundcloud page.


Kurt CouperKurt Couper

Co-Theatrical Director | Performer

Kurt has had a lifelong fascination with all forms of art, music, painting & dance, but did not find his true calling until discovering the endless world of prop manipulation. Starting with poi, Kurt dove head first into flow arts and is now enjoying the delights of juggling! A featured performer at numerous events and venues throughout Alberta, Kurt continues to explore and share a unique flow style all his own.

Skills: Poi, Contact Staff, Sabers, Juggling

Chris MacDonaldChris


A clown, a fool, a philosopher, a juggler, a trickster, a little kid, an old man, and a stubborn Leo, when Milo Barba shows up, it’s like an appearance by a live-action cartoon character! With a unique blend of awe inspiring juggling, zany antics, comedic ramblings, and circus tricks, Milo will bring oohs and aahs, chuckles and guffaws, and… dropped jaws to any event!

Skills: Juggling, Character Work, Comedy


Choreographer | Performer

Tahnee Rae, a full time entertainer, dances with local hip hop groups BBM, YegrBombs and W.E. Dance project. Though previously trained in all styles of dance, Tahnee trains mainly in hip hop at 3rd Street Beat studios. Not only does she have a love for learning the art of dance but also teaches for Edmonton’s newest hip hop studio “Flavor Studios”. Fable has given her the opportunity to embrace her outgoing personality, creative mind and femininity.

Skills: Dance, Choreography, Singing


Performer | Choreographer

Tallas has many amazing skills, including years of theater and dance training. She is the mastermind behind some of Fable’s craziest costumes. Her inspiration for our amazing outfits come from a variety of sources ranging from Josephine Baker to RuPaul. She also brings her years of experience to choreograph our own unique style of dance.
Skills: Dance, Choreography, Fire Fans, Costuming

Shannon ReinholdtShannon Reinholdt

Performer Shannon is Le Cirque de la Nuit’s signature performer and one of our founding contributors. An acting component of the Bass Caravan & The Roving Company of Curiosities group, Shannon brings to the stage a whimsical whirlwind of energy and expression in everything she sets her mind to. Her show stopping performance at Le Cirque de la Nuit’st recent Arniko event was nothing less than captivating.

Skills: Theatrical, Dance, Hooping



Angela has been in love with the hula hoop since childhood, but has been seriously honing her talent for the past 8 years. She has shared her gift across festivals, nightclubs and even delighting children performing at birthdays and daycares. Her infectious smile and boundless enthusiasm make her a joy to watch.

Skills: Hoop, Costuming, Hoop Crafting



Katie has been involved with rhythmic gymnastics for over 15 years and it has allowed her travel the world competing and performing her art. She also an accomplished model with many photo shoots and television appearances under her belt. She is quickly gaining a reputation as the “bendy” girl in the group and her ribbon and flexibility performances are mesmerizing.

Skills: Modeling, Pointe, Rhythmic – Ribbons, Hoop, Clubs, and Ball

LunaMichelle Ivanek ( Luna )


Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with a hoop is what continues to drive Luna forward. She graces the stage with wispy feline movement, captivating you with her energy. She incorporates dance and gymnastics from her early years to create unique movements and poses. Luna is a proud member of the Bass Caravan & The Roving Company of Curiosities.

Skills: Dance, Hooping



Lisa has been performing since the age of two, studying all sorts dance although she has always has a special place in her heart for Tap. Her years at a performing arts high school fueled her love for the arts and creativity. Fable has helped Lisa overcome her childhood stage fright and blossom into a confident and accomplished performer.

Skills: Dance, Fire Fans, Graphic Design



Lauren got her start in artistic gymnastics before switching to rhythmic, which she performed competitively for nine years. She has competed everywhere from Austria to Japan and is now sharing her gift with the world by coaching the gymnasts of tomorrow. She also has a background in ballet, jazz and lyrical dance and is

Skills: Dance, Ribbon, Rhythmic Hoop and Ball



Nolan is a master of technology. His skills with “EL” wire have given Fable the opportunity to perform in costumes that glow like magic robots. He also performs staff and sabers and assists with costuming and administrative responsibilities

Skills: Costuming, Staffing, Sabres

With Special Guest Performances By

Bad Bitch MentalityBBM

BBM is an Edmonton based all-female dance company founded in 2011 with the mission of inspiring creativity, empowering women and promoting independence through movement. With a resume that includes opening for artists such as Jadakiss and Kirko Bangz, local music videos, various charity events, Represent Dance Competition’s Choreographers of the Year and most recently winning 3rd overall at the national Artists Emerge World All Stars category (being the only all-female AND Edmonton based crew to make finals), BBM Dance Crew is one company that never stops training or performing! All of these beautiful dancers believe in empowering and inspiring through the art of dance while maintaining a high-standard in entertainment value. With years of dance experience, practiced professionalism, and 100% original choreography you can expect nothing less than an unforgettable performance from BBM!

Instagram/twitter: @bbmdanceedm – Visit on Facebook

Stephanie GrusonStephanie Gruson

She recently performed at the CHBA Awards Gala, Stantec’s Reflections Gala, and Firefly Theatre’s High Tea. Stephanie has been training with Firefly Theatre and Circus for five and a half years, studying Aerial Hoop, Trapeze, & Aerial Silks.

Aerial Hoop Performance – Firefly Theatre

Amy SenacleAmy Senecal


Amy Senecal is a spirited performer and dancer of 9 years. Her style is mainly influenced by raqs sharki and tribal fusion belly dance, with a dash of burlesque sass and a pinch of polka. Fire eating and fire dancing are favourite aspects of her repertoire, as well as dancing with feather fans.

Skills: Dagger & Belly Dance Performance



Bio Coming Soon.

Skills: Dagger & Belly Dance Performance

Tsaida SpringfieldTsaida Springfield


Bio Coming Soon.

Skills: Dagger & Belly Dance Performance




FRIDAY MAY 2nd, 2014 • Evening Performance • Doors open at 7PM | Curtain at 8PM

SATURDAY, MAY 3rd, 2014 • Matinee Performance • Doors open at 1PM | Curtain at 2PM

SATURDAY, MAY 3rd at 8PM • Evening Performance • Doors open at 7PM | Curtain at 8PM

Note: Seating designation is on a first come, first serve basis. The performance is aprox. 1 hr & 30 min in length. A half hour intermission will be provided.


ADVANCE TICKETS: $25 for Adults & $15 for Children ( 12 & Under )

DOOR SALES: $30 for Adults & $20 for Children ( 12 & Under )



The Capitol Theatre - Fort Edmonton ParkThe performance of “The Music Box” takes place at the beautiful Capitol Theatre in Edmonton’s, Fort Edmonton Park.

This new building, which was completed in Summer 2011, is a beautiful re-creation of Edmonton’s original Capitol Theatre, circa 1929. This new theatre has an intimate seating capacity of 243 seats, with an additional 4 wheelchair locations. The former Jasper Avenue facade that was in place following the original Capitol Theatre’s 1929 restoration has been captured in this new building, which incorporates modern construction methods but balances issues such as building code and the necessary technical infrastructure with historical authenticity.

The Capitol Theater - Interior Fort Edmonton Park is located at the corner of Fox Drive and Whitemud Drive. The entrance to the Park is located on Fox Drive on the north side of the drive (7000 – 143 Street).


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