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Calling All Performers - Open Auditions

Are you a talented musician, dj, artist or performer and would like the chance to showcase your skills to a fantastic crowd of amazing party people? Then we want to hear from you!

Le Cirque de la Nuit is looking for artists, dj’s, bands & performers of all types for our upcoming shows. Actors, spinners, dancers, magicians, sideshow freaks and anything else you can imagine! If you think you have something unique you can bring to the table then we want to hear from you! We know there’s tons of untapped talent out there just waiting to be discovered!

Artist Submission Form

Use the Artist Submission Form below to tell us a little bit about yourself. Please include links to your music, videos, photos, etc, so that we can get a better idea of what your all about!

*Please note that by submitting your info, this does not guarantee you a spot at one of our shows. The Cirque de la Nuit troupe selects it’s artists very carefully in order to provide, what we feel, is the best possible experience for our patrons and although you may be a master at your craft you might just not be the right fit for our objectives.

Artist Submission FAQ
What kind of performers are you looking for?

Le Cirque de la Nuit is looking for all types of performers with different styles & characteristics. We base our selections on the theme of the event we’re booking for.

Do I need to have a ton of previous experience?

No, not necessarily. Skill and talent are always a criteria but more importantly than that are enthusiasm, originality and style. You may be a bedroom dj or musician with tons of amazing talent but have just not had a boat load of experience performing in front of a live audience.

How much do you pay your performers / musicians?

Artists get paid based on their time slots, experience and performance length. We believe that all artists deserved to be reimbursed for their creative talents in one form or another!

What do you want to know about me?

We want to know what makes you stand out from the crowd! What inspires you? Why do you think you’d make a great addition to our events?

I submitted my info and no ones called me. Whats up with that?

Ok so please understand that we don’t message back to every person that’s submitted their info. Please be patient and rest assured that we will review your submission. You’ll probably only hear from us if we think you’d be a great addition to an upcoming show so please don’t be offended, there’s just a lot going on behind the big top curtains!

Artist Submission Form

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