The performers aim to illustrate the creative process as well as the development of an idea, with all of its ups and downs. Established in 2013, Le Cirque de la Nuit Canada is a one of a kind creative collective based out of Calgary, Alberta that specializes in the development and execution of truly immersive and memorable performance based experiences. Cirque brings together the very best performers from across Canada and merges their talents with generous creative capacity for production, choreography, custom made props, decor, costumes, music and visual effects, creating a multidimensional experience. Featuring: Body Art Motion (Tanya Lee, Rachael Blake, Amy Burlano), Jennifer Chelsea (Wolf Flow), Jenny Sager, Kate Ryan, Jai Benteau, Landon Waters (Mr. Waters), and Tony Esteves (Talk2MorePeople). General Manager: Kelley Matley. Soundtrack by Adam Blanchard aka Smol Beats.

June 15, 2018- Jack Singer Concert Hall, Calgary, AB