“We’re creating memories.
Brief moments in time that stand out from one another and inspire us to grow, evolve and create new patterns in our own lives.”


Established in 2013, Le Cirque de la Nuit “LCDLN” is a one of a kind circus and performing arts organization based out of Calgary, Alberta that specializes in the development and execution of truly unique performance-based entertainment that transcends beyond the expected and into a world of imagination and intrigue!

By merging together the circus arts with choreographed dance, theatrics, musical artists and our creative capacity for production including custom decor/props, costuming and visual effects, we are able to create multi-dimensional & immersive event experiences that entice and envelope the senses!

Over the past 6 years we have produced over 20 unique LCDLN performance productions as well as performed at a multitude of corporate events, night club events, fundraising events, conventions and festivals across Canada.

We take great pride in being a leader in our industry, not only as an advocate for our performing artists and the circus arts community as a whole here in Calgary, but by always providing exciting, alternative entertainment options for our clients and patrons.