Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. Le Cirque de la Nuit has been at the forefront of working towards new and innovative ways to bring entertainment back to the community safely during these times. By joining forces with other local organizations with the same vision including BIG ART , The Drive Inn, Telus Spark, Calgary Pride and Hotels Live we have gained the knowledge and experience to safely produce and execute COVID-friendly events of all kinds!


Le Cirque de la Nuit, in collaboration with Hotels Live, is proud to present a Covid-Safe Circus Cabaret experience like no other! Showcasing an exciting lineup of our most talented local Cirque Nuit performance artists. Let the lights, drama, music and entertainers draw you into a magical universe of carnival-like delight! With a spectacular display of circus spectacles, including high-flying aerialists, quirky jugglers, acrobats, cyr wheel artists, ladder walkers and many more! 


Hotels Live is the promoter arm of Livestar Entertainment Canada, which aims to give Canadians a safe and exclusive live entertainment experience by reinventing the venue model after Covid-19. Hotels Live is focused on producing a variety of Hotel Balcony Concerts across Canada and creating jobs in both the music and hospitality sectors. Multi-award-winning, music industry veteran Rob Cyrynowski, brings over 25 years of trusted experience to this new venture and is thrilled to be a part of such an innovative concept. More Information can be found at


Le Cirque de la Nuit and BIG ART proudly presents: B!G C!NEMA! An immersive, drive-in, cinematic experience with live-action performers, special FX & pyrotechnics! With the pandemic shutting down live events across the globe, we needed to think outside the stage/theatre to create new ways to bring live entertainment to our community safely.  This summer, we launched our first ever sold-out, production of Mad Max: Fury Road at the The DRIVE IN and it was a huge success!! Don’t worry if you missed out, this is the first of many to come, so stay tuned! In the meantime, here is a little recap video of what you can expect at a B!G C!NEMA experience.

A HUGE shout out to our amazing team of 20+ performers, contributors and our creative team (Joey Vedres, Noah Weigel & Justin Dale Furgala Krall), who worked tirelessly to help bring the Mad Max characters & script to life! 

CALGARY PRIDE 2020 & 2021:

Le Cirque de la Nuit, in collaboration with Calgary Pride, are proud to present: BEYOND THE BIG TOP CABARET & BEYOND BURLESQUE. Covid-friendly productions featuring exciting lineups of talented performers from the Alberta LGBTQ2s+ & BIPOC communities showcasing a variety of art forms, including Circus Arts, Drag, Burlesque, Dance, and live music!




B!G ART (a collection of misfits, weirdos and immersive artists) in collaboration with Le Cirque de la Nuit is proud to bring you Scare Wash – a live, in-person, in-vehicle horror show…and free car wash. It’s the least we can do after scaring the living daylight out of you. Also, it protects you, and our cast and crew.

If you’re like us, you can’t handle any more “virtual” experiences, and you’re looking for the real deal, but covid-friendly (ya, that’s a phrase we use now). This 10-minute + experience will take you to hell and back, in your car, and challenge the most strong-willed, horror-loving guests. Be prepared for a truly unique, one-of-a-kind experience, complete with live actors, special fx, intelligent lighting, fm transmitted soundtrack and more. The Scare Wash will definitely be something you will never forget…or maybe something you’ll spend years in therapy trying to forget.