“We let our imaginations drive us to create, innovate and inspire, always striving to provide exciting, alternative entertainment options for our audiences.”


On top of the many circus stage shows we have produced, Le Cirque de la Nuit prides itself on also creating diverse indoor & outdoor Roving character performances and unique interactive activation pieces. These activations include custom themed Photo-Booths,  Fortune Teller Booth, Champagne Aerials, Champagne Strolling dresses, Fire Shows, Circus Parades and more!



One of the big interactive pieces being offered by Le Cirque de la Nuit is our signature Photo-Booth experience. Patrons are known to line the halls waiting to have their picture taken with our professional Cirque photographer for the amazing photos they get of their costumes for the evening. The professionally lit, custom themed photo-booth is always styled to fit the event and makes for great promotional pictures, complete with branded watermarks for social marketing purposes.

Take a look through our gallery below at the multitude of themes, back-drops and props we offer! For more information about booking a Le Cirque de la Nuit Photo-Booth for your event please contact us.


Whether your planning a fundraiser or an annual gala for your company, Le Cirque de la Nuit can work in tandem with your team to bring to life any production you have in mind. We can assist in the planning, execution and success of your event to ensure the best possible outcome. We will make sure that your patrons leave knowing they have experienced something truly memorable!

Click here and connect with a Cirque representative to discuss assisting  in your event entertainment and production needs