“Our mission is to push the boundaries of what is possible in circus arts and entertainment to create inclusive, innovative, immersive and inspiring experiences for our patrons.”



Aside from providing entertainment services to various event planners, talent buyers and agencies, we have also been producing our own unique brand of circus event productions annually since 2013! The mystery and intrigue of our annual Signature event productions will draw you into a world where anything is possible.


Calgarians have come to know and love these high-caliber, immersive  Le Cirque de la Nuit productions, showcasing only the best in circus arts and theatrical performances accompanied by unmatched mastery in costuming, décor design, visual effects and musical talent. Check out our upcoming events page for more details when the next circus will be coming to town!


Le Cirque de la Nuit is incredibly proud to present our 10th annual Signature Event Production in our ever-expanding world of uniquely exhilarating events! We invite you to embark on a time-travelling adventure like none other and witness the extraordinary, mystery and intrigue that is Époque! The year is 1895, and in the midst of the Victorian steampunk era, an unorthodox quirky inventor has created an astounding machine that allows him to travel through space and time! On April 22nd, 2023, he is ready to share his discovery with the world and cordially invites you to his humble abode to witness this astonishing feat. Will he succeed?

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On April 6th, 2019 Le Cirque de la Nuit invites you on a journey down the rabbit hole to a place that can only be called Wondrous. A continuous journey of interactive, theatrical performances in our storybook underworld, will showcase a battle of good and evil.  Alice and the Red Queen will fall deep down the rabbit hole, where the patrons will follow them through break dance battles, aerial acrobatics, sultry burlesque and belly dance numbers as well as experiential video production and countless circus arts and theatrics. Are you ready to follow the white rabbit?

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CIRQUE NUIT Presents: DÉJÀ VU 2018

On November 18th, 2018 Le Cirque de la Nuit invites you to journey back in time as we transport you to the prohibition era, where a unique and somewhat unorthodox travelling circus has rolled into town. Under the shadow of the moonlight, this show is for those seeking refuge from the ordinary and the mundane. Déjà vu will showcase interactive personas roving the halls, interacting with the guests, and of course, sharing their artistry on the stage. With over 20 diverse character artists, each member of our travelling extravaganza has a story to share!

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