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Le Cirque de la Nuit presents: Déjà Vu

November 18th, 2018 – The Palace Theatre, Calgary, AB. 

The date is Nov 18th 2018, or is it 1931?  We are transported to the prohibition era, and a unique and somewhat unorthodox travelling show has rolled into town. Under the shadow of the moonlight, and housed at the historic Palace Theatre in downtown Calgary, this show is for those seeking refuge from the ordinary and the mundane.

Calgarians have come to know and love the high-caliber productions brought to the city by Le Cirque De La Nuit.  Only the best in musical talent is accompanied by unmatched mastery in make-up artistry, décor design, photography, visual effects, and of course high flying theatrical performances.  Déjà vu will bring all of this to a cabaret-style theatre performance providing patrons an immersive experience in which they interact with the characters, and experience the magic as part of the show.

The evening’s live sounds will be presented by a stellar lineup of musical genius that is sure to keep the dance floor busy from start to finish.  JPOD makes music with punchy beats and bouncy basslines. His strong commitment to music has inspired incorporating such vintage sounds as funk, world, reggae, swing, blues, folk, bluegrass, Latin, Motown and more! High Step Society features a shimmering horn section that soars over syncopated high hats and rat-a-tat snare. The members of the band are not only electronic music producers but also educated jazz musicians. Audaciously sophisticated, High Step Society is rethinking jazz with unorthodox arrangements and bringing a touch of elegance to electronic music. Always a fan favorite, Bass Caravan and the Roving Company of Curiosities will once again be taking the stage at this event.  Never the same show twice, this eclectic group takes the musical experience and transforms it into a three dimensional, theatrical visualization. The music talent doesn’t end there with further performances by Vanilla Disco, Mysterysa and Hayden McHugh.  Make sure to check out the sounds and profiles of the stellar line up at

This evening will be brought to light by the interactive personas roving the halls, interacting with the guests, and of course, sharing their talents on the stage.  Asimov Atomsmasher will be joining to share her character work in Neo-Burlesque, as well as La Rouge Circus with their vast array of acrobatic feats.  Joined by 20+ more fully developed roles, make sure to get a picture with the Strong Man, the Knife Thrower, the Lion Tamer, or maybe one of the clowns in our professional quality photo booth.  Perhaps sideshow characters are more your style, well they will surely be at the Circus too.  Each member of our travelling extravaganza has a story to share, and we encourage all patrons to dress as their inner circus freak to share their story with us!