“We take great pride in being a leader in our industry, always striving to provide exciting, alternative entertainment options for our clients.”


When booking a Le Cirque de la Nuit Stage Show performance you are investing in a unique, high quality performance with our Cirque Nuit performers that has been custom curated with music, costuming, props, theme and theatrical storyline to provide the best audience experience. Our Stage Shows also include theatrical & interactive roving character performances before the show to help engage the patrons and build anticipation for the main stage show performance. Our shows can adapt to most stage or event settings and are perfect entertainment options for corporate events, conventions, indoor and outdoor festivals, fundraisers, weddings and anything in-between!  We currently have 8 unique Le Cirque de la Nuit Stage Show performances available for your event including the featured Stage Shows below. For more information along with our full list of available stage performances please contact us!


A 10 minute Big Top themed, choreographed circus stage show performance that features 3 theatrical circus performers with a comdedic story-line and a custom built life sized Canon Prop that explodes confetti!  “A fun filled, mini theatrical performance piece with a nail biting story-line between 3 crazy clowns and a circus cannon!”


 A 12 min vintage showgirl inspired, theatrical circus stage show performance with 3 circus arts perfomers that features Aerials, Dance, Multi LED Hula- Hoop spinning, Juggling & Theatrics.  “A mini theatrical performance piece with a comedic twist on the darker side of performance competition between two Femme Fatales battling for the crown!”


A 60 minute Alice in Wonderland themed, theatrical choreographed circus stage show performance with 10 Circus arts performers that features aerials, cyr wheel, dance, acro, LED flow props and more!  “A full blown theatrical performance piece with Alice and the Red Queen battling for the Mad Hatter’s newest creation!”


A 15 minute Astral themed, choreographed circus stage show performance with 5  circus arts performers that features Aerials, Dance, multiple LED flow props and LED costuming!  “A conceptual, visually stimulating performance piece that merges circus arts and technology with a custom high energy soundtrack that builds up to an explosive finale! 


Whether your planning a fundraiser or an annual gala for your company, Le Cirque de la Nuit can work in tandem with your team to bring to life any production you have in mind. We can assist in the planning, execution and success of your event to ensure the best possible outcome. We will make sure that your patrons leave knowing they have experienced something truly memorable!

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