How To Make The Most Of Your Muzique Experience!

Every now and then we get lost in the beauty of an event; jaw agape and eyes like large saucers captivated by the spectacle that’s happening all around us. It’s magical. It’s one of those feelings that sends our souls into an excited frenzy and we hope it never ends.  That is the feeling the Le Cirque de la Nuit Troupe wants to gift you with for their next event titled MUZIQUE.

This Saturday, February 18, 2017 at Marquee Bar & Stage, ticket holders will be taken into Le Cirque de la Nuit’s world where they’ll be celebrating music, performance, art and community. Since their first event at Dickens Pub almost four years ago to the date, the Le Cirque de la Nuit Troupe has upped the ante with each production. MUZIQUE promises to be a new twist on what fans have come to know and love of these events.

When asked how different the show will be, Troupe members remain fairly tight-lipped about what’s in store. Eventually a mischievous smile cracks when they respond with “You have to come to find out!” This statement is quickly accompanied with a wink and a cheeky eyebrow flare.

Looking at the line-up of artists, it’s clear that the Troupe has planned a sensory feast for new and returning fans. The music line-up itself has unique elements that have yet to be heard at one of Cirque’s larger productions. But it’s not just the music, it’s the theme, the vendor market, the collaboration of artists who are sure to turn the venue into a visual masterpiece, and a fresh cast of performers excited to showcase their unique talents. The Troupe is moving away from a fully theatrical experience for this particular show, but is tapping into the immersive energy of the summer festival experience. This new style of event has given this artistic group a chance to flex their creativity in a new way. One that’s sure to kill those mid-winter blues away. (At least for a little while.)

With all of that in mind, here’s a list of ways to help you get the most of your MUZIQUE experience:

  1. The Unity Sound Saturdays – Muzique Pre-Party: From 3 PM – 8 PM start your night at Broken City. This final installment of Unity Sounds promises to kick off the night properly. Bring the youngsters, eat some tasty food and enjoy some libations while you bask in a festive environment. At 8 PM, get the kids to the babysitter (Sorry kiddos the rest of this night is rated M for Mature), get ready, and taxi over to MUZIQUE.
  2. Doors open at 9 PM: You don’t have to be there at 9 PM, but there is a full night of dancing, music and performances planned that starts at 9 PM. Remember to bring ID – This is an 18 + venue.
  1. Dressing up, that’s a thing? It’s TOTALLY a thing as these events are about patron participation. The comment heard more often than not from new patrons who don’t dress up is, “I so wish I dressed up! I’ve already got my costume idea for next time though, and it’s going to be amazing!”. The theme for this show is Inner Warrior. Make it you. Le Cirque de la Nuit loves creativity and uniqueness. Please remember to be respectful in your costume choice and stay clear of cultural appropriative pieces. A lot has been talked about regarding this subject this in other publications. Please keep that in mind as you develop your costume.
  1. Explore the Art Installations: Numerous artists will be showcasing their various talents around the venue. Let your imagination be tickled into joyful wonder.
  1. The fully themed environment extends into the Vendor Market. Take a minute or five or ten to gaze at the ingenious pieces available for purchase. You never know what might catch your eye.
  1. Enjoy the music and performances. Le Cirque de la Nuit’s goal is to provide an exhilarating nightlife experience.
  1. The event will have various photographers in attendance. While there will not be a photo booth at this event, there will be a photographer capturing friends, couples and groups throughout the night. Keep an eye out to have yourself digitally immortalized.
  1. Be You!!! Fun Fact: Le Cirque de la Nuit directly translates to The Night Circus. But that’s not what the Troupe wants you to think when thinking about their events. The word “Cirque” allowed the Troupe to pull on some of the fun vintage elements of traditional circuses as well as provide the Flexibility to me more than just circus. While there are a lot of questionable and politically incorrect elements to old school circuses, there’s one thing they absolutely got right: The celebration of the different and peculiar. So be you!!! Be yourself and come celebrate all the beautiful differences that make life so mesmerizingly awesome. You are what make these events.
  1. Be Safe!!! Remember to party safely. Keep an eye out on friends. Eat a good meal before coming out. Stay hydrated. Choose someone to be the DD or pool money together to cab it home together. Please do not drink and drive.

 Come explore Le Cirque de la Nuit’s newly twisted pit of curiosities because the next event produced by the Troupe will not be until later in the fall. This night will definitely be one to remember… one you will wish to never ever end.

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